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The NiUW GLINIK offer is directed towards drilling companies operating in the coal mining and non-ferrous metal ore sectors. NiUW GLINIK products are widely used in the geological, geophysical and hydrogeological fields. We also offer products and services which other companies benefit from by carrying out drilling for the civil engineering field. We cooperate both with end users and distributors.
NiUW GLINIK's main products are drilling tools. Among them tricone bits, hole openers and cutter sets have the largest share. We also carry out orders for other elements of the drilling string such as spiral stabilizers, tool joints and stem stubs. Our range of products are complemented by tangential-rotary blades used in mining, construction and industry.
NiUW GLINIK is a manufacturer of  drilling equipment designed for work in geophysics, engineering geology, mining and mineral rock materials. Many years of tradition and experience has allowed us to produce devices "tailored" to the needs of our clients
The NiUW GLINIK  product offer is accompanied by wide range of services. We carry out repair and modernization of drilling equipment. We provide recovery services for drilling tools and calibration of working gauges in line with the Spec. 7-2 API.
NiUW GLINIK production facilities owned by us allow us to provide highly specialized thermo-chemical treatment and mechanical treatment services.
NiUW GLINIK products and services are made based on the "quality assurance policy" implemented in the company which ensures that our customers are fully satisfied.
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