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The hole - openers are designed for reaming of the following bore- holes:
  1. waterwells with diameter from 8 ½” to 48”  
Hole-openers designed for waterwell drilling can be equipped with a 3-cone roller bit as a pilot.
Tab. 1 Typical threaded connection 

     2. large diameter, interbed bore- holes with diameter 5 5/8” to 56” 

Holes can be reamed with a single hole-opener or with a set of hole-openers connected as so called “christmas tree”. The end of hole-opener body has threaded connection which fits another hole-opener or the drilling string.
Upon client’s request, other connections can be supplied, as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Tab. 2
 Characteristic         number threaded conection  number   of bites  lenght  weight
(mm)   (inch)    size   type  (mm)   (kg)
143/270 55/8 / 105/8 31/2 WP (Reg) box  x  pin      3    420     58
193/305 75/8 / 12 41/2 WP (Reg) pin x      pin      3    510     65
270/406 105/8 / 16 41/2 WP (Reg) box x      pin      3    480    101
406/610 16/24 41/2 WP (Reg) box x      pin      3    480    228
406/610 16/24 65/8 WP (Reg) box x      box     3   590    255
610/813 24/32 65/8 WP (Reg) box x      box     5   530    417
813/1016 32/40 65/8 WP (Reg) box x      box     5   530    456
1016/1219 40/48 65/8 WP (Reg) box x      box     5   530    521
1219/1422 48/56 65/8 WP (Reg) box x    box     5   530   579
   3. horizontal bore- holes, for example river crossing, road crossing within diameter range from 5 5/8 to 16
Hole-openers for horizontal drilling have replaceable nozzles, which enable to use optimum hydraulic parameters for a proper mining and drawing drillings out of a bore-hole.
The surface of a hole-opener body is reinforced with hard metal and tungsten carbide inserts to secure from excessive wear caused by friction against a bore-hole.
In order to assure a stable and proper work of a drill string, upon customer’s request, the hole openers can be equipped with special cylinders guiding hole-openers through a pilot bore-hole.
Benefits of hole- openers:
  • Cutter sets can be easily replaced in the field, when worn out
  • Cutting structure of cones with milled tooth is designed for soft, medium, or hard formation               
  • Upon customer’s request we manufacture TCI insert hole- openers designed for very hard formation
  • The hole - openers have got jet nozzle circulation, which provides efficient cleaning of cutters and a bore- hole bottom simultaneously.        
NiUW GLINIK also manufactures replaceable cutter sets for all types and sizes of the hole-openers.