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NIUW GLINIK manufactures spiral stabilizers of integral type with diameters 130 mm – 445 mm.
The body of the stabilizer is made of alloy steel, heat- treated to 277 - 352 HB hardness and impact strength 54 J/cm2 according to API Spec. 7-1.
The stabilizers are supplied in two types :
  • string stabilizers with box-pin connection
  • near-bit stabilizers with box-box connection.
 Depending on the blade-shape the following stabilizers are available:
  • with open design (small blade angle)
  • with tight design (big blade angle).
The threaded connection are made according to API Spec 7-1.

Upon customer's request we can make a stress relief features on the threaded pin and on the treaded box.
Also float valve recess can be made on the near-bit box.

The blades of the stabilizers are reinforced in the following ways:
  •  hard - facing with tungsten carbide protecting from wear and enabling recondition of stabilizers many times
  • tungsten carbide inserts pressed into blade surface ensuring increased resistance of stabilizers against diameter loss.
The blade diameters are under the sizes of the holes:
  •  for hole sizes 130 – 311mm 0,8 mm under size
  •  for hole sizes 311- 445 – 1,6 mm under size.
In the table are shown basic data for the mass - produced stabilizers.
Upon clients wish we can manufacture stabilizers in other sizes, as well.