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Since the beginning “GLINIK” dealt with drilling. There were designed and implemented on your own not only the tools but also drilling rigs. At the beginning there were mostly rigs intended for rotary and impact drilling  such as: OUP, OP 1200, N 12, N 20, N 16. Later we started production of equipment for  workovers.
Workover rigs are drilling rigs for processing and liquidation of boreholes, and in particular to:
  • POOH and RIH, tubings, pumps,
  • swabbing and hole intensification,
  • other workover jobs.
 Lifting rigs:
  • W800
  • W360 / 18
  • 12CM
  • R-500
  • Hydrogeological rig WH 300/12
  • Geophysical rig OH-100
  • Blast hole drilling rig in quarries WS 30/130
  • WS 12/160 - for impact drilling
  • OH-100A - rotary drilling with regular circulation or impact drilling using downhole hammer system