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NiUW Glinik  provide varied services in technical surveys, repairs and modifications of the drilling rigs. Our highly skilled technical staff is able to provide technical survey of the drilling rigs on site and define all necessary repairs and modifications to adjust existing device to customer requirements. Because of our high-tech machinery and possibility to use wide spectrum of thermo-chemical treatment, we are able to measure, design and manufacture even very complex parts of the drilling rigs which has to be repaired or modified. We addresses our services for customers whose drilling rigs were manufactured in NiUW Glinik Sp. z o. o. as well as other production. NiUW Glinik Sp. z o.o. own an API certificate, what give us a possibility to provide and authorize all our services according to API standards.
            We provide services:
-      Technical survey of the drilling rigs
-      API authorized services of the drilling rigs
-      Repair of the used or broken parts of the drilling rigs
-      Modification of the parts of the drilling rigs to fulfill customer requirements.
-      Other drilling rigs services …